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  • HELP! I can't sharpen my knife!

    You've got your SELECTOOL out of the package and have put it on the table. Your best knife is in the notch and you prepare to make your first sharpening stroke. You pull down and... Nothing. It didn't work. The blade didn't bite into the insert and no metal was removed. Warily, you reposition you... View Post
  • The SELECTOOL Side Knife Guide - Three sharpeners in one

       The built-in Side Knife Guide is incredibly useful. It's one of the strongest features of the SELECTOOL, and is what makes it the last sharpener you'll ever need. It has THREE PURPOSES -   1. A blade hone. Draw your blade across the two inserts. Roll left as you draw, then roll right.  Each ... View Post
  • Sharpen your SERRATED Knives

      Sharpening SERRATIONS is very simple with the SELECTOOL Put the SELECTOOL on the table, Knife Guide up. Place your serrated knife on between the two rounded inserts. Draw the blade towards you, lightly brushing the tips of your serrated teeth. (Use light pressure.) This result... View Post