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  • How to Sharpen Scissors: A Simple Guide for Home Use
    Keeping your scissors sharp is essential for achieving clean and precise cuts, whether you're working with fabrics, paper, hair, or in the kitchen. In this guide, we will walk you through the step-by-step process of sharpening different types of scissors. You’ll better understand how to sharpen k... View Post
  • This sharpener is kind of off the charts…
    This sharpener is kind of off the charts…   Everyone is always looking for the next sharpener. Something that will just sharpen a knife quickly, simply, and sharply! (Why is it most are either hard to use, or don’t give a great edge, or are very expensive?)   A sharp knife shouldn’t have to be a ... View Post
  • HELP! I can't sharpen my knife!
    You've got your SELECTOOL out of the package and have put it on the table. Your best knife is in the notch and you prepare to make your first sharpening stroke. You pull down and... Nothing. It didn't work. The blade didn't bite into the insert and no metal was removed. Warily, you reposition you... View Post