How to Sharpen a Serrated Knife


Sharpening SERRATIONS is very simple with the SELECTOOL

  1. Put the SELECTOOL on the table, Knife Guide up.
  2. Place your serrated knife on between the two rounded inserts.
  3. Draw the blade towards you, lightly brushing the tips of your serrated teeth. (Use light pressure.)

This results in straight teeth that are very clean and sharp.


If your Serrated Teeth are Very Dull 

  • Use increased pressure, but do not dig or scrape the teeth through the inserts. 
  • Repeat drawing and brushing multiple times until you feel the sharpness returning.

      Truly worn out serrations have no "tips" that can be straightened and made sharp. You must remove a bit of metal to bring them back. (See below.)


      Use the Front Sharpening Guide to Improve Serrated Performance

      1. Put the SELECTOOL on the table, front inserts facing you.
      2. Put the FLAT side of the serrations against the metal insert. (NOT the scalloped side.)
      3. Draw down with light sharpening strokes, removing the small burr behind each serrated tooth.
      4. Stop when it feels smoother.
      This is a very easy way of making your serrations much sharper, due to the tiny burr being removed. Smoother edges are sharper, as they have less drag and friction.

      Watch the Sharpening a Serrated Knife Video


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