The SELECTOOL Side Knife Guide - Three sharpeners in one


The built-in Side Knife Guide is incredibly useful. It's one of the strongest features of the SELECTOOL, and is what makes it the last sharpener you'll ever need.


1. A blade hone.

  1. Draw your blade across the two inserts.
  2. Roll left as you draw, then roll right. 
  3. Each side feels smoother and smoother, until the edge is smooth AND sharp.
Use this repeatedly for BLADE MAINTENANCE, and will keep your knife razor sharp all the time. 


    2. A Serrated Knife sharpener.

    Serrations are like little saw teeth. They cut like little razors. It's just the tips of each tooth needs to be straightened and kept sharp.

    1. Brush the teeth lightly across the inserts.
    2. Do not roll or lean, but draw straight through.
    3. Repeat multiple times until the tips are tight and sharp.
    (Some serrations are too dull to be recovered, making re-profiling necessary.)


      3. A Razor Knife sharpener

      Razor knives are extremely thin and sharp. They can be resharpened by drawing the blade straight through the middle of the inserts.

      1. Use light pressure and do not dig.
      2. Go slightly to the right and left if the edge does not fully straighten.
      3. Feel the edge as you go. Make adjustments as necessary.

      Having such a narrow blade angle means razor blades wear out quickly. Oftentimes, they cannot be fully recovered and need replacing. (Your mileage may vary.) Use the SELECTOOL Side Knife Guide to keep them sharper longer.

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      • Posted by Shane LeMasters on

        I love my new sharpening tool from selecTool precision sharpening! I also want to thank JR for personally helping me with an issue I was having due to being left handed. He walked me through how to hold and adjusting the positioning the SelecTool to work correctly for a left handed individuals. So thanks JR for your person assistance and designing such a sharpening tool!

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