This sharpener is kind of off the charts…

This sharpener is kind of off the charts


Everyone is always looking for the next sharpener. Something that will just sharpen a knife quickly, simply, and sharply! (Why is it most are either hard to use, or don’t give a great edge, or are very expensive?)


A sharp knife shouldn’t have to be a CHALLENGE


The SELECTOOL is quite simply the most accurate, efficient, and consistent sharpener anywhere, and it works on everything. (As though it needed to.)


It will sharpen a SERRATED KNIFE as simply as it sharpens a RAZOR BLADE. There is virtually no training, (and what you need is provided on our website.) Just sharpen.


  1. Put the SELECTOOL on the side of the table
  2. Place your blade in the sharpening notch
  3. Then TURN THE TOOL and watch the magic happen


The blade stops and locks – and does not wander – and holds it steady for you to sharpen.


– Every stroke, exactly the same, time and time again.


It’s the most accurate, efficient, and consistent sharpener you’ve ever seen.
(And you’ve got to have one right now.)


There’s nothing quite like it anywhere


You will finally put a MASTER EDGE on every knife and blade in seconds, or your money back.


The SELECTOOL is Made in America

Has a Lifetime Warranty


And simply works faster, safer, easier than virtually any sharpener you’ve ever tried.

(And it’s only $29.95.)


  • Imagine running out to your Lawn Mower and sharpening the blade in the mower.
  • Or, maybe get a dull pair of scissors sharper than new in the specially designed SCISSOR & SHEAR sharpener?
  • And is it even possible to sharpen a serrated knife?


Oh, yes. And quite a bit more.


Finally, SHARPNESS on everything


Let our FAQ answer any questions you might have FAQ

And look at our testimonials of people just like you who suddenly have sharp knives.


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