HELP! I can't sharpen my knife!

You've got your SELECTOOL out of the package and have put it on the table. Your best knife is in the notch and you prepare to make your first sharpening stroke. You pull down and...

Nothing. It didn't work. The blade didn't bite into the insert and no metal was removed.

Warily, you reposition your blade, add more pressure, and try it again. And again, and AGAIN. And that darn knife just won't sharpen.

What's a SELECTOOL owner to do?

  1.  Check your position with the blade into the guide. The number one reason people don't get a great edge is because they've laid the blade off and are fully resting it on the guide. Don't do that. This illustration explains the right technique.

    This video also explains the problem:

  2. You have some gunk or goo on your edge. Be sure you completely clean your blade before sharpening because the SELECTOOL works by friction, and anything that provides lubrication causes reduced performance. 

  3. The blade resists sharpening because it is either very hard or very dull, or both. Worn out blades are very difficult to resharpen because the original edge is completely gone and there's nothing for the SELECTOOL to sharpen. The blade has to have at least a reasonable edge for it to work. 

    Watch this video for more details:

  4. You need a bit more practice with an easier blade before taking on Grampa's worn-out Buck knife. Try a small paring knife, or getting an inexpensive blade from the store, and practice on that. Once you get the hang of it, you'll have lot's of fun.

    Here is a quick overview video:

  5. Finally, watch some of the training videos on YouTube. You'll see how the tool best performs and hopefully you'll get the inspiration you need for best use.

Happy Sharpening!



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