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  • Put your axe edge in one of the two notches on the end.
  • “Flair” the edge open in the notch until you feel the bevel flattening against the sharpening insert. (Visually watch the bevel doing this.)
  • When it feels tight against the bevel, press down with firm pressure. Start at the bottom and sharpen cleanly to the top with each stroke.
  • Sharpen the other side the same way, 
  • Put the SELECTOOL on its side, Knife Guide up, and smooth the edge against the rounded inserts.
  • Deliberately roll the blade to the right and to the left in light easy strokes.
  • Only a few smoothing strokes are needed, (an axe doesn’t need a highly refined edge.)

        Sharpen Hedge Clippers

        • Hedge-clippers are like a big pair of scissors.
        • Sharpen them the exact same way.
        • SNIP to deburr.

        Sharpen Scissors

        The SELECTOOL’s dedicated SHEARS/SCISSORS guide is designed to quickly and easily sharpen any pair of shearing blades, (including fine hair cutting scissors and fabric shears.)

        • Put the tool on a table with Shears/Scissors Guide up. (The tool will tilt itself to one side. Let it do so.)
        • Open the scissors and put one of the blades snug up against the LEFT SIDE scissors guide.
        • Using medium to light pressure, draw the scissors toward you from the heel to the tip.
        • Repeat, as you feel the scissor blade getting smooth and sharp.
        • Keep the blade FLAT against the guide as you draw them towards you. (Otherwise, you can ruin your scissors.)
        • Repeat the same process on the second blade.
        • SNIP, SNIP, SNIP, quickly to clean off the burrs and make the blades smooth and sharp. (If you snip slowly, you may catch a burr and dent the edge.)

        Sharpening Garden Hoe

        A Garden Hoe works MUCH BETTER if the edge is nice and beveled. You can weed and cut into dirt much easier when it is sharp.

        Extend the sharpening insert to the middle hole. (Remove the screw, pull the insert to the middle hole, replace and tighten the screw.)

        (For a completely dull hoe edge, use a flat file to create an initial bevel before sharpening to a fine edge with the SELECTOOL.)

        • Put the hoe on a firm surface.
        • Put the SELECTOOL against the edge to be sharpened.
        • Twist the tool slightly until you feel it lock against the blade.
        • Pull the tool towards you and watch the shavings fly.

          Cutting Glass & Tile

          The glass cutter is a small, extremely hard, glass and tile cutting wheel on the handle. It is secured with a brass bearing and is made for someone who is not a professional glazier. It will probably outlast any glass cutter you have ever used. Here are a few secrets of glass cutting:

          • Use some light oil as a lubricant on the wheel (This takes the heat out of the cut and keeps the cut clean.)
          • Cut glass on a flat surface so that the pressure of cutting will not break the glass.
          • Make a single smooth cut and do not go over it repeatedly, which will cause an improper break.
          • Start the cut slightly from the top edge, (not directly on the edge.)
          • DO make the cut all the way off the glass. (This forms a small notch where the wheel comes off the edge, which is where the glass will begin to cut.)
          • Take care not to chip the glass as you come off the edge