Several years ago, I watched amazed as a man ...
  • Dulled a machete
  • Sharpened it in seconds
  • And sliced a piece of paper
machete sharpener


That thing really works.


Impressed, I bought one, and took it home to sharpen my expensive German blades that I'd never been able to sharpen by hand.
Beginning with my toughest blade, I put it against the guide, pulled down, and checked the edge.
I repeated on another knife. Same results.


And so, I wanted to know more.
  • Where has this thing been all my life?
  • Why have I never heard of it?
  • Where can I find more?

Turns out, the SELECTOOL has been delighting customers and users since 1963, when the first units came out in Aluminum.


Without question, the SELECTOOL is the easiest way to get a razor-sharp edge on any knife or tool in seconds, and it works every time.
It is American-Made and comes with a Lifetime Warranty. It weighs less than 3 ounces, and is the perfect tool to sharpen any knife or tool on the go.
Learn to work it properly on my training page and you'll have zero issues.
Contact us if you need any help. We're happy to assist.
Salisbury, NC
Since 2011
Happy Sharpening!