I’m J.R. Neumiller – President and Owner of the SELECTOOL Corporation. I discovered the SELECTOOLseveral years ago at a live show. I watched amazed as the man dulled a machete, sharpened it, and cut paper. He repeated this same demonstration with a garden hoe.

Impressed, I bought one and brought it home, expecting only marginal success, (because, you know, what actually works when you get it home?)

Beginning with my toughest blade, I put it against the guide, pulled down, and repeated on the other side. Felt the edge. Sharp. Repeated on another knife. Same results. Sharp.


There is a sharpener that actually works, doing exactly what a knife sharpener is supposed to do, every time

Soon I was sharpening anything and everything I could get my hands on and demonstrating the tool across the country at live shows.

Turns out it actually does sharpen EVERYTHING, literally. (If you can get to the edge, you can sharpen it with the SELECTOOL.)

Axes, Garden Hoes, Mower Blades, Machetes, ALL kinds of Knives, (including Serrated,) Scissors, Hedgers, Trimmers, Broad-head Arrows, Razor Blades, Guillotine Paper Cutters, and a lot more. (The list of what it can’t sharpen is shorter than the list of what it can.)

To top it off, it comes with a built-in Glass & Tile cutter that actually cuts glass and tile with virtually no effort, skill, or training. It’s that good.


Today, I spend my time working with distributors and talking about this fabulous tool. It has become my passion!

The SELECTOOL Master Sharpener is American-Made and comes with a lifetime warranty. It weighs less than 3 ounces, making it the perfect tool to sharpen any knife or tool on the go.

Without question, I believe the SELECTOOL Master Sharpener is the finest, fastest, and EASIEST way to get a razor-sharp edge on any knife or tool in less time than it takes to pull most sharpeners out of the box.

I’m confident that you’ll agree!