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*** Buy 2 Sharpeners and Get One Free (sharpener)!  ***  
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A dull knife blade is what tempts us towards bad habits while cutting. Added hand pressure and unnecessary hand movements can cause fingers to be where we don’t want them to be! Thus, it is imperative we keep our blades sharp. What's a million times better than just keeping your kitchen knives sharp? Having all of your Blades Sharp!


About this Product: 

  • RAZOR SHARP IN SECONDS: Abraham Lincoln wouldn't mind taking hours to sharpen a blade, but when you have a hungry family, work deadlines, or a lawn to take care of before dark you don't get that time. What takes other sharpeners a long time to achieve we do in less time!
  • ALL BLADES WELCOMED: You got a dull blade? Our Master Sharpener can handle it. SELECTOOL sharpens tools, such as mower blades, axes, hatchets, hoes, sickles, and scythes. Sharpens any scissors - sewing, kitchen, fabric - or shears - trimmers, clippers, hedgers etc.
  • BUILT-IN TILE AND GLASS CUTTER: As a bonus our SELECTOOL  even turns you into a Pro when it comes to any project that includes cutting glass or tile.
  • AMERICAN MADE: Made in America, and shipped directly to you!


This is GREAT for: Home Renovation, DIY Projects, Lawn Care, Cooking or Even a Gift! 




  • Product Dimensions - 7.8in x 2.5in x 1in
  • Weight - 3.04oz.
  • Body Glass Reinforced Nylon, (GRE)
  • Sharpening Insert - Carboloy
  • UPC - 713757231336


*** Buy 2 Sharpeners and Get One Free (sharpener)!  ***  
(Now you can SAVE with this discount!)


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