Make income demonstrating the SELECTOOL at live shows, trade shows, flea markets, street festivals, farmer’s markets and more. Show people how the tool works and they give you money. It’s just that simple.

Plus, retailers love this tool. Show it to your local hardware store, gun shop, lawn and garden center and watch them pick it up. Retail stores are a great place to get repeatable sales, too.

Make an Income Demonstrating The SELECTOOL

I’m J.R. Neumiller – President and Owner of the SELECTOOL Corporation. I started out as a distributor for the SELECTOOL Master Sharpener before I bought the company in 2011. If you’re interested in making extra money or even creating a full-time income for yourself, I’d love to help you get started. I will send you full information on EXACTLY what is involved.

You’ll understand:

  • Where to show the tool
  • HOW to SHOW the tool
  • What items you need
  • How to deal with customers
  • The best shows to book
  • The best sources for your items
  • And a LOT MORE


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